Aug 18-25, 2014


Mon – Road Run (6 Miles, 58:53, HR 146/154)

Second run since my 2 week recovery break from Angeles Crest 100. I can’t seem to keep my heart rate down. My spirit wants to go and feels capable, but the constant beep from the HRM tells me that my body is too stressed. I slow as much as possible just shy of dropping into a fast walk. I finish with a low spirit; can i be ready for Javelina Jundred in time? 


Tue – SCC_Warm Up (4 Miles, 39:23, HR 131/142) 

Tried to run at an easier pace from the prior days experience. I still got yelled at quite a bit from the HRM. I would slow down to a crawl and get stressed from not being able to keep my HR at around 140. Bummed that I can’t seem to get my HR in check. Debating if i will push the speed workout. 

Tue – SCC_Speed Workout (5.5 Miles, 44:24) 

I decided to push the workout. It started with a 1 mile warm up then into a pyramid type speed workout. It felt amazing to not have to worry about my HR as i do not wear it during these type of workouts. I felt great until the last mile where I blew up. My legs got really HEAVY and i thought that i would end up walking it in. I lead the pack, but i’m sure i paid a hefty price. 


Wed – Rest Day 

Body is wrecked from the speed workout. I did think about going to the gym and ride the stationary bike for an hour at zone 1. Instead i went to my mom’s house to wash my clothes.


Thu – Road Run (6 Miles, 01:02:50, HR 129/141)

I thought Mondays run was horrible, today just made me depressed. My spirit still wants to go and feels like its capable, but i’m at 150 before i know it. I just cant get my HR in check. JJ100 is not looking good and may turn into a fun run. I feel like i’m falling into a hole that I can’t get out off. I have to remind myself that it is only one week in…one week…one week 


Fri – Rest Day 


Sat – Stationary Bike (01:00:00, 129/141) 

Jumped on the stationary bike. It’s been awhile since i’ve been on this thing. My legs still feel heavy and my HR is still above average for the effort i’m giving. Probably the first time this week i did not hit 150 bpm. Still having doubts about JJ100. Did I really wreck my body this much? 


Sun – Long Road Run (15.75, 02:33:37) 

I didn’t wear the HRM today. I wanted to run in peace with friends. We cruised throughout Santa Monica at a leisurely pace. I struggled after mile 5 which seems to be my limit as of now. A few of us chilled at Starbucks afterwards and chatted/laughed about random stuff. KPuck and DRock also took me to check out Brentwood’s farmers market; there is a lot happening in there. I ended the day hanging out at a Barbecue with friends to celebrate their runs at Leadville. JDF came up with an amazing quote for chapter one. 

I NEEDED TODAY….feeling optimistic 

Side Note:

This week has been interesting. I have always been told by my coaches how you have to be careful in the 4 weeks after a hard run. My body feels like it should be running fast, but everytime i run with the heart rate monitor i get a reality check. Three weeks out and my body still needs time to adequately recover.

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