Aug 25 – 31, 2014


Rest Day

I’m a little beat up from the long road run and I need to head over to my mom’s to wash.


SCC_Warm Up Run (4 Miles, 45:55, No HRM)

I forgot my head lamp so i decided to just run the course and see how many loops i can get as the team arrives and finishes. My attempt to run up the stairs on the first lap was easily dissuaded within the initial sight of the ascent. WOW!!! the stairs looked extra steep. I lost control of my cardio (HR was through the roof) by the end of the second loop and decided that i would head to the start and meet up with the group..I need to recover for the next attempt.

SCC_Murphy’s Ranch (4 Miles, 46:27, No HRM)

I ran the first lap with JDF, who seems to be running fluidly. I’m thoroughly impressed at how he has been recovering from his races. We finished the first lap together, with Jimmy leading to the top. I try to push the second lap to see if i can hold him off. NOPE, he catches me at the first staircase and passes me. I try to keep up in hopes that i can pass him up the climb. I wait and try to pick the perfect time to pass, but he pushes when i make a move and can’t pass him. I laughed cause it was definitely one of those moment where you don’t know it, but i’m racing you things. Lap two and my cardio is wrecked like the warm up run.

Today was a good day to run with friends. It keeps me from dwelling on JJ100 and my training from last week. DChan was on the ridge across from us so we started to howl back and forth.


Road Run (6 Miles, 01:00:15, HR 138/147)

Stoked!! first run that i had were my heart rate did not hit 150 bpm. It stayed around 140 bpm most of the run without me having to slow to a crawl. This maybe the breakthrough that I have been waiting for. Probably the first solo run i finished smiling and happy. Feeling good for JJ100.


Stationary Bike (01:00:00, HR 127/137)

Jumped back on the stationary bike. noticed more improvement as I was able to keep a lower bpm at the same effort of the previous week. Still feel as if parts of me are not fully recovered, but i still got time.


Sullivan Ridge (6 Miles, 01:21:40, No HRM)

I did want to go to BWCC to run on a flat route and keep it aerobic in zone 1, but for the sake of convenience and premo parking i chose to run here. My body felt okay and i was happy with it. I’m definitely moving better than the previous week. It also helps that I stayed away from the stairs.


SCC_Echo Mountain (13.60 Miles, 03:00:00, No HRM)

I met up with the training group to do a long trail run. It’s been awhile since i went up towards Mt Lowe. I did leave my options open to cut the run short at inspiration point if i wasn’t feeling well. It was an amazing run for me. Jimmy, Dave and I cruised up to inspiration point. It’s been awhile since Jimmy and I ran together. lately my training runs have been solo, but not today. We chilled at the trailhead afterwards. Kat and Jimmy would make me turn red from embarrassment; now i owe Kat a FAVOR…DAMMIT!!! We ended the day at Urth cafe in Pasadena. Hanging out with the coyotes has definitely opened me up to the different styles of foods and the ways they are served.


Long Run (16 Miles, 02:25:35, No HRM)

Steve joined me for today’s run. We ran from Peets’ Coffee to Venice Pier and back. Saw more improvement as my legs didn’t tire out within 5 miles. It definitely was not the pace i wanted, but there was no way i could have done it without risking an injury; it’s still to early to push the training. I was still satisfied with the is looking and feeling good.

I saw KPuck on the way back and ran into Jimmy and Kate at Peets, well it was more of Kate yelling my name and me looking around like a meerkat until i noticed her. Jimmy, Kate and Spirit would eventually join us for breakfast. I later met up with friends that night and drank way too much beer, but i have yet to achieve my goal of getting “white girl wasted.”



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