Sep 01-07, 2014


Stationary Bike (01:00:00, No HRM)

I jumped on the bike to give my legs a rest after a good back-to-back weekend. I didn’t want to run, but didn’t want to give up the opportunity to loosen the legs and focus on my cardio. I’ve been having trouble turning on my Garmin 910 so i opted to not wear it this time.


SCC_Warm Up Run (00:37:47, 4 Miles, HR 134/144)

Ran around the BWCC to control the heart rate and gauge how my legs will feel for tonight’s workout. I know that I can legitimately start pushing without risking injury, but can I keep it up. I did blow up at last weeks workout in the last mile.

SCC_Speed Workout (00:58:13, 7.5 miles, No HRM)

The Coaches set up a fun one for tonight and i am definitely giving what i got. Its a 10-8-6-4-2 minute speed workout with 2 minute recovery in between. It’s a start slow and gradually speed up with an all out effort for the last set. I started out with the perfect pace and all went smooth until “6” when i started to run 6:00 minute miles. It did occur to me that i may have been going to fastĀ (i was), but it felt so good. Needless to say i could not get past 6:10 pace for the last two sections no matter how hard i tried. Live and Learn.


Rest Day

I am SORE from the speed workout, but not injured which is a good thing. I went to go visit my Mom and she had delicious food.


Road Run (6 Miles, 01:00:55, HR 157/176)

I don’t know what happened. I started my run feeling okay, but before i knew it i was at 140 bpm within the first mile. Was i that beat up from the speed workout? Was it from the weather being so hot? Either way I was disappointed. I kept trying to move my HR max to avoid the beeping hoping it would stabilize, but eventually have to turn it off. I finished the run, but failed the goal/purpose of the run. I felt bummed out and determined to get it right next time.


Stationary Bike (01:00:00, HR 129/146)

I’m back at my mom’s house hanging out trying to convince myself to get back out there and run. Yesterdays performance really bothered me, but i was afraid that today would be the same. I literally laid on the floor staring at the ceiling trying to convince myself; just let it get cooler outside. My nephew and nieces showed up as my mom had made them dinner. This made it harder for me to want to leave and do the workout. I finally decided to just go to 24 Hour Fitness and jump on the stationary bike. I finished with a content soul and went back to my mom’s house, fortunately the nephew and nieces were still there.


Long Road Run (21.9 Miles, 03:32:11, HR 137/166)

I decided to do a long solo run in Santa Monica. I needed a run to just reflect and get myself re-centered. The run went smooth and better than expected. I even ran into Magu and ran with him for a bit until he turned around. The run did start to get difficult from Mile 15 on, but that’s to be expected when you don’t take any nutrition. Next time i will take stuff to eat during these long runs now that i know about “simply bar.” Later that evening my sister would go with me to watch the premier of Billy’s movie Western Time. The movie was neat/funny/inspiring, Sally is one crazy…. with a contagious laugh.


Long Road Run (18 miles, 02:50:18, No HR)

I had to do a late run today cause the Dave’s (DChan &DEmmans & Myself) ran the team practice. The Coaches were in Utah finishing the original six hundred series. It was definitely interesting to run the practice and to see it from the coaches perspective. It was also hard since it is one of my favorite sections in the Santa Monica Mountains. From here I would jump to the other side of the world to visit my friend in the high desert where it was pouring rain the size of quarters. The streets were either flooded or turned into rivers and thoughts of skipping the run started to cross my mind. Luckily my friend Heidi was still down to ride her bike in the rain and give me company as i ran. The rain stopped before i started my run, but i still had to manage getting through or around puddles which disappeared by the end of the run. I did plan to shoot for 20 miles, but the lack of nutrition during and before the run made it too difficult to mentally stay strong. It also didn’t help that I was not far from her house which made it easy to stop. You think I would have learned my lesson from yesterday…facepalm.

This week may not have gone as i had expected it to go, but i still consider it a good week. I am curious to see how the following week will go. Will I be able to hang on during the speed workout? What will my long runs look/feel like? Will I be intelligent enough to keep up my nutrition? Will i order those damn bars? Why haven’t i ordered the damn bars yet?

I gotta go order the stupid bars…Peace OUT!

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