Sep 08-14, 2014


Rest Day

I had a good back to back run the past two days. Both runs were flat road. I placed an order for the “simply bar” to use on long runs.


SCC_San Vicente Road (6.5 Miles, 00:50:46, No HRM)

One of my favorite days of the week since I head out to Santa Monica to meet up with the Yotes. Today is usually a speed workout day, but today we would meet at Barneys Beanery to celebrate Jimmy and Andy’s accomplishment of the Original Six Hundreds. I did a short run to the beach and back. My legs felt heavy and slow, but when I reviewed the data I was happy with the pace.


Road Run (10 Miles, No HRM)

I recently replaced my Garmin and have been getting errors while trying to upload my data. This was one of my rolling hill runs through Chino Hills. I haven’t run this section in a month and it felt good to be back on it. The run felt good, but still didn’t feel as lose as I would have liked. It could be from the lack of sleep from staying out late yesterday.


Rest Day

I decided to take today off to get ready for a long back to back weekend of running. I went to 24 Hour Fitness and did a back workout for about 45 minutes.


Road Run (6 Miles, 00:46:05, No HRM)

Found a nice little section by my house where I can run workouts. It is similar to BWCC as I don’t have to deal with stopping at any lights and can leave water at one location. I meant to keep it at an easy pace, but caught my self going faster each lap. I did back off on the last two miles to not over do it for the weekend. It sure did feel good to get a speed workout in.


San Gabriel Peak (17.50 Miles, 03:52:32, No HRM)

I originally planned to do a Peets’ Road Run to Venice Pier, but decided to go to the Sam Merrill Trail Head. I didn’t wear the HRM, but did a good job of keeping a conservative pace up to Mt Lowe. From here I looked at San Gabe Peak and remembered the last time I ran there so I decided to continue instead of heading back. From the top of San Gabe I looked at Mt Disappointment and questioned why I had never ran there, so i went to hit the top of Mt D. I kept the downhill run to an easy pace to save my legs for tomorrow. It was a hot day today and i was surprised to see so many people with little to NO water. The simply bar worked perfect for this run.


Dave Emmons Birthday Run (22 Miles, 3:55:11, No HRM)

I only ran two loops of the six loop course. I must have run Saturday perfectly cause my legs felt good today and i was able to still run up the climbs. I knew today was going to be hot so I brought two bottles to carry enough water between the loops. It eventually did get hot and running up sullivan ridge was a SUFFERFEST. Sullivan canyon would offer some reprise from the heat. The heat made it a tough finish, but tomorrow would be a rest day. A bunch of friends would come and go throughout the day as Dave would continue with his loops. I used the simply bar to fuel this run. I also ate watermelon afterwards at the makeshift aid station, as well as the kelley krack (cookies).

Javelina Jundred is still in question, but as each day goes by i get a better understanding of whether it will be a run or a race. This week was rough to do heart rate training without my garmin working correctly. Hopefully i can get the garmin working for the following week.

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