Sep 15-21, 2014


Rest Day

Took my usual day off to recover from the weekends back to back runs.


Rest Day

I was supposed to go to Santa Monica to do a speed workout, but did not have the motivation to drive out there. I did contemplate about going to the gym a jump on the stationary bike, but just relaxed instead.


Road Run (6 Miles, 00:54:17, HR 140/148)

Went around the block for an aerobic run. My heart rate stayed around 140 bpm which is a good sign, especially since it was warm/hot outside. The run is not so fun since it was three 2 mile loops which got boring pretty quickly.


Road Run (10 Miles, 01:36:12, HR 133/152)

I was nervous to do this run with a heart rate monitor. Previously, my heart rate has been improving on flat runs, but this is a rolling hill type course. The first climb would dictate if i have improved significantly since i have started training since AC100. Fortunately on the hardest part of the climb i was able to keep my heart rate under 150 bpm while still running. I did keep it mellow on the downhill sections.


Road Run (6 Miles, 00:56:31, 138/153)

Yesterdays Run gave me the confidence to get back on running a route that i planned to use to test my heart rate to see if i’m improving. I was able to keep a consistent pace and not have my heart rate skyrocket above 150 bpm. It did slowly creep up every mile, but that’s okay as long as i did not go over 150 bpm.

HRM Review


PCT – Crowder Canyon to Wrightwood (24.79 Miles, 05:53:00, No HRM)

I wanted a challenging run and to run a new route. I used strava’s “create a new route” to scout this section. I knew it would be around 20 miles up with 2 miles down, but i did not know how hard it was going to be. The course has a grade that taunts you to run it, but the problem is that it is so long that you would need to hold back early and for the first half. I did well until mile 12, slowly fell apart until mile 19 and settled to a hike for the last 2 miles. I ran down acorn trail and walked from the road to the town. I walked straight to the mini market and bought: 1 tall can of coke, 1 liter of water, 1 gatorade bottle and 1 big stick.


Rest Day

My brother needs help moving.

This was an amazing week. I can see saturday’s run turn into a staple run since it is a perfect run to strengthen the legs. I am currently looking at the other direction with plans to start at crowder canyon and run towards silver lake. oh…and my calves are on FIRE from saturdays run.

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