Sep 22-28, 2014


Rest Day

My calves are so tender right now from the run i did last saturday. I want to try and roll them out, but want to scream in agony every time the roller touches the skin. I didn’t expect the run to leave me this sore.


SCC_Warm Up Run (4 Miles, 00:36:02, No HRM)

Jack and I met up at the team meeting spot and went for a warm up run before the speed workout. He had to listen to me complain about how sore my calves still were. It has been a while since Jack and I did a warm up run together before the speed workouts.

SCC_Speed Workout (3.7 Miles, 00:30:12, No HRM)

I forgot the name of the speed workout that we did..Indian Run??something..something.. Either way i had a blast trying to run fast with my group. I thought i would blow up and have to let them go and run solo or join another group. The workout was a success as we managed to keep increasing the pace, although i did feel as if i was getting slower.


Stationary Bike (01:00:00, HR 129/154)

My calves are still burning and yesterdays speed workout doesn’t make them feel any better. I jumped on the stationary bike to get a cardio workout. I didn’t expect much on how my heart rate would do since i already know that my body is still beat up from last saturday.


Road Run (6 Miles, 00:56:10, HR 137/153)

I originally wanted to run 10 miles today, but we planned to celebrate my older brothers birthday. I decided to run a shorter route and see if my niece and nephew would like to join me to finish the last two miles to my Mom’s house. My nephew chose to run while my niece used her roller blades. We stopped at a park about half way through and drank some water. I enjoyed their company.


Rest Day

I was helping my brother move lots and lots of stuff to a storage unit.


Road Run (10 Miles, 0:1:36:24, HR 122/144)

My calves are starting to feel better so i decided to go for a long rune in zone 1. I took a longer route to a park where my nephew would be playing an early soccer game. It took me awhile to find the team only to learn that he would not show from a bummed ankle. I hope it was not from Thursdays run.

Road Run (2.70 miles, 00:24:12, HR 131/151)

Since my nephew was not playing soccer i decided to get back and continue to help my brother with his move.


SCC_La Jolla Canyon (11 Miles, 01:46:09, No HRM)

Calves finally feel GOOD. Today we ran the Point Mugu XTerra course. This is one of my favorite areas to run in, it is just too far to make it a consistent thing. When im here i usually prefer to run the Ray Miller 50K route. I kept it easy today and chilled with the pack. I have improved a lot on my downhill speed and even set a PR today breaking 6 min pace on the two miles down to the finish…thoroughly STOKED.

This week has been a difficult week in training for Javelina Jundred with my legs being SUPER sore to helping my brother with his move. As of today i am standing on a fine line of do i run JJ100 or drop out and continue with the recovery process. I currently don’t feel confident that i can run to the best of my abilities. 

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