Sep 29 – Oct 5, 2014


Gym Session

I went to the gym to work on my chest, core and arms.

Stationary Bike (0 Miles, 01:00:00, HR 137/167)

I jumped on the stationary bike today. I would increase the resistance every 10 minutes until minute 40 where i dropped back down.


Road Run (13 Miles, 01:56:14, HR 144/161)

This is a fun route that i have been using more of lately. Its fairly flat to and good to use for heart rate training, plus it runs by four parks that i can use to get water. The only problem is that it runs on busy streets, which means LOTS of cars.


Gym Session

Jumped back into the gym to work on my legs.


Recovery Run (6 Miles, 00:59:39, HR 134/147)

I went to visit my friend in the high desert. She rode her bike and accompanied me on the recovery run. The weather was nice and the roads are fairly empty.


Stationary Bike (0 Miles, 01:00:06, HR 136/175)

My legs are sore from the leg session at the gym, but i gave todays workout an all out effort. It is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in which i did a 10 minute warm up followed by 6 sets of 3 min at all out effort with a 2 min recovery. I definitely felt my legs screaming near the end of the workout. My legs were even screaming during the 10 minute cool down.

As with the other bike workouts i increased the resistance every 10 minutes.


Gym Session

My legs are donzo…

Today I went back into the gym and worked on my back and shoulders.


Road Run (22.7 Miles, 03:02:17, No HRM)

Today I decided to try a Marathon Pace Workout. I started with 60 minutes at a conservative pace. I wanted to run it at 9 min miles, but went to fast. Then I went at a marathon pace for 60 minutes. I was shooting for low 7 minute miles. Then i would do a 60 minute cool down at the 9 minute pace.

This workout was hard, but i can’t wait to try it again. I ran into Blue Benadum and talked with him for a bit.

I do plan to keep better detail of the gym workouts i do going forward. Another note is that implement weights every other week during training. I definitely feel my groove coming back.

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