Sep 29 – Oct 5, 2014


Gym Session

I went to the gym to work on my chest, core and arms.

Stationary Bike (0 Miles, 01:00:00, HR 137/167)

I jumped on the stationary bike today. I would increase the resistance every 10 minutes until minute 40 where i dropped back down.


Road Run (13 Miles, 01:56:14, HR 144/161)

This is a fun route that i have been using more of lately. Its fairly flat to and good to use for heart rate training, plus it runs by four parks that i can use to get water. The only problem is that it runs on busy streets, which means LOTS of cars.


Gym Session

Jumped back into the gym to work on my legs.


Recovery Run (6 Miles, 00:59:39, HR 134/147)

I went to visit my friend in the high desert. She rode her bike and accompanied me on the recovery run. The weather was nice and the roads are fairly empty.


Stationary Bike (0 Miles, 01:00:06, HR 136/175)

My legs are sore from the leg session at the gym, but i gave todays workout an all out effort. It is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in which i did a 10 minute warm up followed by 6 sets of 3 min at all out effort with a 2 min recovery. I definitely felt my legs screaming near the end of the workout. My legs were even screaming during the 10 minute cool down.

As with the other bike workouts i increased the resistance every 10 minutes.


Gym Session

My legs are donzo…

Today I went back into the gym and worked on my back and shoulders.


Road Run (22.7 Miles, 03:02:17, No HRM)

Today I decided to try a Marathon Pace Workout. I started with 60 minutes at a conservative pace. I wanted to run it at 9 min miles, but went to fast. Then I went at a marathon pace for 60 minutes. I was shooting for low 7 minute miles. Then i would do a 60 minute cool down at the 9 minute pace.

This workout was hard, but i can’t wait to try it again. I ran into Blue Benadum and talked with him for a bit.

I do plan to keep better detail of the gym workouts i do going forward. Another note is that implement weights every other week during training. I definitely feel my groove coming back.

Sep 22-28, 2014


Rest Day

My calves are so tender right now from the run i did last saturday. I want to try and roll them out, but want to scream in agony every time the roller touches the skin. I didn’t expect the run to leave me this sore.


SCC_Warm Up Run (4 Miles, 00:36:02, No HRM)

Jack and I met up at the team meeting spot and went for a warm up run before the speed workout. He had to listen to me complain about how sore my calves still were. It has been a while since Jack and I did a warm up run together before the speed workouts.

SCC_Speed Workout (3.7 Miles, 00:30:12, No HRM)

I forgot the name of the speed workout that we did..Indian Run??something..something.. Either way i had a blast trying to run fast with my group. I thought i would blow up and have to let them go and run solo or join another group. The workout was a success as we managed to keep increasing the pace, although i did feel as if i was getting slower.


Stationary Bike (01:00:00, HR 129/154)

My calves are still burning and yesterdays speed workout doesn’t make them feel any better. I jumped on the stationary bike to get a cardio workout. I didn’t expect much on how my heart rate would do since i already know that my body is still beat up from last saturday.


Road Run (6 Miles, 00:56:10, HR 137/153)

I originally wanted to run 10 miles today, but we planned to celebrate my older brothers birthday. I decided to run a shorter route and see if my niece and nephew would like to join me to finish the last two miles to my Mom’s house. My nephew chose to run while my niece used her roller blades. We stopped at a park about half way through and drank some water. I enjoyed their company.


Rest Day

I was helping my brother move lots and lots of stuff to a storage unit.


Road Run (10 Miles, 0:1:36:24, HR 122/144)

My calves are starting to feel better so i decided to go for a long rune in zone 1. I took a longer route to a park where my nephew would be playing an early soccer game. It took me awhile to find the team only to learn that he would not show from a bummed ankle. I hope it was not from Thursdays run.

Road Run (2.70 miles, 00:24:12, HR 131/151)

Since my nephew was not playing soccer i decided to get back and continue to help my brother with his move.


SCC_La Jolla Canyon (11 Miles, 01:46:09, No HRM)

Calves finally feel GOOD. Today we ran the Point Mugu XTerra course. This is one of my favorite areas to run in, it is just too far to make it a consistent thing. When im here i usually prefer to run the Ray Miller 50K route. I kept it easy today and chilled with the pack. I have improved a lot on my downhill speed and even set a PR today breaking 6 min pace on the two miles down to the finish…thoroughly STOKED.

This week has been a difficult week in training for Javelina Jundred with my legs being SUPER sore to helping my brother with his move. As of today i am standing on a fine line of do i run JJ100 or drop out and continue with the recovery process. I currently don’t feel confident that i can run to the best of my abilities. 

Sep 15-21, 2014


Rest Day

Took my usual day off to recover from the weekends back to back runs.


Rest Day

I was supposed to go to Santa Monica to do a speed workout, but did not have the motivation to drive out there. I did contemplate about going to the gym a jump on the stationary bike, but just relaxed instead.


Road Run (6 Miles, 00:54:17, HR 140/148)

Went around the block for an aerobic run. My heart rate stayed around 140 bpm which is a good sign, especially since it was warm/hot outside. The run is not so fun since it was three 2 mile loops which got boring pretty quickly.


Road Run (10 Miles, 01:36:12, HR 133/152)

I was nervous to do this run with a heart rate monitor. Previously, my heart rate has been improving on flat runs, but this is a rolling hill type course. The first climb would dictate if i have improved significantly since i have started training since AC100. Fortunately on the hardest part of the climb i was able to keep my heart rate under 150 bpm while still running. I did keep it mellow on the downhill sections.


Road Run (6 Miles, 00:56:31, 138/153)

Yesterdays Run gave me the confidence to get back on running a route that i planned to use to test my heart rate to see if i’m improving. I was able to keep a consistent pace and not have my heart rate skyrocket above 150 bpm. It did slowly creep up every mile, but that’s okay as long as i did not go over 150 bpm.

HRM Review


PCT – Crowder Canyon to Wrightwood (24.79 Miles, 05:53:00, No HRM)

I wanted a challenging run and to run a new route. I used strava’s “create a new route” to scout this section. I knew it would be around 20 miles up with 2 miles down, but i did not know how hard it was going to be. The course has a grade that taunts you to run it, but the problem is that it is so long that you would need to hold back early and for the first half. I did well until mile 12, slowly fell apart until mile 19 and settled to a hike for the last 2 miles. I ran down acorn trail and walked from the road to the town. I walked straight to the mini market and bought: 1 tall can of coke, 1 liter of water, 1 gatorade bottle and 1 big stick.


Rest Day

My brother needs help moving.

This was an amazing week. I can see saturday’s run turn into a staple run since it is a perfect run to strengthen the legs. I am currently looking at the other direction with plans to start at crowder canyon and run towards silver lake. oh…and my calves are on FIRE from saturdays run.

Sep 08-14, 2014


Rest Day

I had a good back to back run the past two days. Both runs were flat road. I placed an order for the “simply bar” to use on long runs.


SCC_San Vicente Road (6.5 Miles, 00:50:46, No HRM)

One of my favorite days of the week since I head out to Santa Monica to meet up with the Yotes. Today is usually a speed workout day, but today we would meet at Barneys Beanery to celebrate Jimmy and Andy’s accomplishment of the Original Six Hundreds. I did a short run to the beach and back. My legs felt heavy and slow, but when I reviewed the data I was happy with the pace.


Road Run (10 Miles, No HRM)

I recently replaced my Garmin and have been getting errors while trying to upload my data. This was one of my rolling hill runs through Chino Hills. I haven’t run this section in a month and it felt good to be back on it. The run felt good, but still didn’t feel as lose as I would have liked. It could be from the lack of sleep from staying out late yesterday.


Rest Day

I decided to take today off to get ready for a long back to back weekend of running. I went to 24 Hour Fitness and did a back workout for about 45 minutes.


Road Run (6 Miles, 00:46:05, No HRM)

Found a nice little section by my house where I can run workouts. It is similar to BWCC as I don’t have to deal with stopping at any lights and can leave water at one location. I meant to keep it at an easy pace, but caught my self going faster each lap. I did back off on the last two miles to not over do it for the weekend. It sure did feel good to get a speed workout in.


San Gabriel Peak (17.50 Miles, 03:52:32, No HRM)

I originally planned to do a Peets’ Road Run to Venice Pier, but decided to go to the Sam Merrill Trail Head. I didn’t wear the HRM, but did a good job of keeping a conservative pace up to Mt Lowe. From here I looked at San Gabe Peak and remembered the last time I ran there so I decided to continue instead of heading back. From the top of San Gabe I looked at Mt Disappointment and questioned why I had never ran there, so i went to hit the top of Mt D. I kept the downhill run to an easy pace to save my legs for tomorrow. It was a hot day today and i was surprised to see so many people with little to NO water. The simply bar worked perfect for this run.


Dave Emmons Birthday Run (22 Miles, 3:55:11, No HRM)

I only ran two loops of the six loop course. I must have run Saturday perfectly cause my legs felt good today and i was able to still run up the climbs. I knew today was going to be hot so I brought two bottles to carry enough water between the loops. It eventually did get hot and running up sullivan ridge was a SUFFERFEST. Sullivan canyon would offer some reprise from the heat. The heat made it a tough finish, but tomorrow would be a rest day. A bunch of friends would come and go throughout the day as Dave would continue with his loops. I used the simply bar to fuel this run. I also ate watermelon afterwards at the makeshift aid station, as well as the kelley krack (cookies).

Javelina Jundred is still in question, but as each day goes by i get a better understanding of whether it will be a run or a race. This week was rough to do heart rate training without my garmin working correctly. Hopefully i can get the garmin working for the following week.

Sep 01-07, 2014


Stationary Bike (01:00:00, No HRM)

I jumped on the bike to give my legs a rest after a good back-to-back weekend. I didn’t want to run, but didn’t want to give up the opportunity to loosen the legs and focus on my cardio. I’ve been having trouble turning on my Garmin 910 so i opted to not wear it this time.


SCC_Warm Up Run (00:37:47, 4 Miles, HR 134/144)

Ran around the BWCC to control the heart rate and gauge how my legs will feel for tonight’s workout. I know that I can legitimately start pushing without risking injury, but can I keep it up. I did blow up at last weeks workout in the last mile.

SCC_Speed Workout (00:58:13, 7.5 miles, No HRM)

The Coaches set up a fun one for tonight and i am definitely giving what i got. Its a 10-8-6-4-2 minute speed workout with 2 minute recovery in between. It’s a start slow and gradually speed up with an all out effort for the last set. I started out with the perfect pace and all went smooth until “6” when i started to run 6:00 minute miles. It did occur to me that i may have been going to fast (i was), but it felt so good. Needless to say i could not get past 6:10 pace for the last two sections no matter how hard i tried. Live and Learn.


Rest Day

I am SORE from the speed workout, but not injured which is a good thing. I went to go visit my Mom and she had delicious food.


Road Run (6 Miles, 01:00:55, HR 157/176)

I don’t know what happened. I started my run feeling okay, but before i knew it i was at 140 bpm within the first mile. Was i that beat up from the speed workout? Was it from the weather being so hot? Either way I was disappointed. I kept trying to move my HR max to avoid the beeping hoping it would stabilize, but eventually have to turn it off. I finished the run, but failed the goal/purpose of the run. I felt bummed out and determined to get it right next time.


Stationary Bike (01:00:00, HR 129/146)

I’m back at my mom’s house hanging out trying to convince myself to get back out there and run. Yesterdays performance really bothered me, but i was afraid that today would be the same. I literally laid on the floor staring at the ceiling trying to convince myself; just let it get cooler outside. My nephew and nieces showed up as my mom had made them dinner. This made it harder for me to want to leave and do the workout. I finally decided to just go to 24 Hour Fitness and jump on the stationary bike. I finished with a content soul and went back to my mom’s house, fortunately the nephew and nieces were still there.


Long Road Run (21.9 Miles, 03:32:11, HR 137/166)

I decided to do a long solo run in Santa Monica. I needed a run to just reflect and get myself re-centered. The run went smooth and better than expected. I even ran into Magu and ran with him for a bit until he turned around. The run did start to get difficult from Mile 15 on, but that’s to be expected when you don’t take any nutrition. Next time i will take stuff to eat during these long runs now that i know about “simply bar.” Later that evening my sister would go with me to watch the premier of Billy’s movie Western Time. The movie was neat/funny/inspiring, Sally is one crazy…. with a contagious laugh.


Long Road Run (18 miles, 02:50:18, No HR)

I had to do a late run today cause the Dave’s (DChan &DEmmans & Myself) ran the team practice. The Coaches were in Utah finishing the original six hundred series. It was definitely interesting to run the practice and to see it from the coaches perspective. It was also hard since it is one of my favorite sections in the Santa Monica Mountains. From here I would jump to the other side of the world to visit my friend in the high desert where it was pouring rain the size of quarters. The streets were either flooded or turned into rivers and thoughts of skipping the run started to cross my mind. Luckily my friend Heidi was still down to ride her bike in the rain and give me company as i ran. The rain stopped before i started my run, but i still had to manage getting through or around puddles which disappeared by the end of the run. I did plan to shoot for 20 miles, but the lack of nutrition during and before the run made it too difficult to mentally stay strong. It also didn’t help that I was not far from her house which made it easy to stop. You think I would have learned my lesson from yesterday…facepalm.

This week may not have gone as i had expected it to go, but i still consider it a good week. I am curious to see how the following week will go. Will I be able to hang on during the speed workout? What will my long runs look/feel like? Will I be intelligent enough to keep up my nutrition? Will i order those damn bars? Why haven’t i ordered the damn bars yet?

I gotta go order the stupid bars…Peace OUT!

Aug 25 – 31, 2014


Rest Day

I’m a little beat up from the long road run and I need to head over to my mom’s to wash.


SCC_Warm Up Run (4 Miles, 45:55, No HRM)

I forgot my head lamp so i decided to just run the course and see how many loops i can get as the team arrives and finishes. My attempt to run up the stairs on the first lap was easily dissuaded within the initial sight of the ascent. WOW!!! the stairs looked extra steep. I lost control of my cardio (HR was through the roof) by the end of the second loop and decided that i would head to the start and meet up with the group..I need to recover for the next attempt.

SCC_Murphy’s Ranch (4 Miles, 46:27, No HRM)

I ran the first lap with JDF, who seems to be running fluidly. I’m thoroughly impressed at how he has been recovering from his races. We finished the first lap together, with Jimmy leading to the top. I try to push the second lap to see if i can hold him off. NOPE, he catches me at the first staircase and passes me. I try to keep up in hopes that i can pass him up the climb. I wait and try to pick the perfect time to pass, but he pushes when i make a move and can’t pass him. I laughed cause it was definitely one of those moment where you don’t know it, but i’m racing you things. Lap two and my cardio is wrecked like the warm up run.

Today was a good day to run with friends. It keeps me from dwelling on JJ100 and my training from last week. DChan was on the ridge across from us so we started to howl back and forth.


Road Run (6 Miles, 01:00:15, HR 138/147)

Stoked!! first run that i had were my heart rate did not hit 150 bpm. It stayed around 140 bpm most of the run without me having to slow to a crawl. This maybe the breakthrough that I have been waiting for. Probably the first solo run i finished smiling and happy. Feeling good for JJ100.


Stationary Bike (01:00:00, HR 127/137)

Jumped back on the stationary bike. noticed more improvement as I was able to keep a lower bpm at the same effort of the previous week. Still feel as if parts of me are not fully recovered, but i still got time.


Sullivan Ridge (6 Miles, 01:21:40, No HRM)

I did want to go to BWCC to run on a flat route and keep it aerobic in zone 1, but for the sake of convenience and premo parking i chose to run here. My body felt okay and i was happy with it. I’m definitely moving better than the previous week. It also helps that I stayed away from the stairs.


SCC_Echo Mountain (13.60 Miles, 03:00:00, No HRM)

I met up with the training group to do a long trail run. It’s been awhile since i went up towards Mt Lowe. I did leave my options open to cut the run short at inspiration point if i wasn’t feeling well. It was an amazing run for me. Jimmy, Dave and I cruised up to inspiration point. It’s been awhile since Jimmy and I ran together. lately my training runs have been solo, but not today. We chilled at the trailhead afterwards. Kat and Jimmy would make me turn red from embarrassment; now i owe Kat a FAVOR…DAMMIT!!! We ended the day at Urth cafe in Pasadena. Hanging out with the coyotes has definitely opened me up to the different styles of foods and the ways they are served.


Long Run (16 Miles, 02:25:35, No HRM)

Steve joined me for today’s run. We ran from Peets’ Coffee to Venice Pier and back. Saw more improvement as my legs didn’t tire out within 5 miles. It definitely was not the pace i wanted, but there was no way i could have done it without risking an injury; it’s still to early to push the training. I was still satisfied with the is looking and feeling good.

I saw KPuck on the way back and ran into Jimmy and Kate at Peets, well it was more of Kate yelling my name and me looking around like a meerkat until i noticed her. Jimmy, Kate and Spirit would eventually join us for breakfast. I later met up with friends that night and drank way too much beer, but i have yet to achieve my goal of getting “white girl wasted.”



Aug 18-25, 2014


Mon – Road Run (6 Miles, 58:53, HR 146/154)

Second run since my 2 week recovery break from Angeles Crest 100. I can’t seem to keep my heart rate down. My spirit wants to go and feels capable, but the constant beep from the HRM tells me that my body is too stressed. I slow as much as possible just shy of dropping into a fast walk. I finish with a low spirit; can i be ready for Javelina Jundred in time? 


Tue – SCC_Warm Up (4 Miles, 39:23, HR 131/142) 

Tried to run at an easier pace from the prior days experience. I still got yelled at quite a bit from the HRM. I would slow down to a crawl and get stressed from not being able to keep my HR at around 140. Bummed that I can’t seem to get my HR in check. Debating if i will push the speed workout. 

Tue – SCC_Speed Workout (5.5 Miles, 44:24) 

I decided to push the workout. It started with a 1 mile warm up then into a pyramid type speed workout. It felt amazing to not have to worry about my HR as i do not wear it during these type of workouts. I felt great until the last mile where I blew up. My legs got really HEAVY and i thought that i would end up walking it in. I lead the pack, but i’m sure i paid a hefty price. 


Wed – Rest Day 

Body is wrecked from the speed workout. I did think about going to the gym and ride the stationary bike for an hour at zone 1. Instead i went to my mom’s house to wash my clothes.


Thu – Road Run (6 Miles, 01:02:50, HR 129/141)

I thought Mondays run was horrible, today just made me depressed. My spirit still wants to go and feels like its capable, but i’m at 150 before i know it. I just cant get my HR in check. JJ100 is not looking good and may turn into a fun run. I feel like i’m falling into a hole that I can’t get out off. I have to remind myself that it is only one week in…one week…one week 


Fri – Rest Day 


Sat – Stationary Bike (01:00:00, 129/141) 

Jumped on the stationary bike. It’s been awhile since i’ve been on this thing. My legs still feel heavy and my HR is still above average for the effort i’m giving. Probably the first time this week i did not hit 150 bpm. Still having doubts about JJ100. Did I really wreck my body this much? 


Sun – Long Road Run (15.75, 02:33:37) 

I didn’t wear the HRM today. I wanted to run in peace with friends. We cruised throughout Santa Monica at a leisurely pace. I struggled after mile 5 which seems to be my limit as of now. A few of us chilled at Starbucks afterwards and chatted/laughed about random stuff. KPuck and DRock also took me to check out Brentwood’s farmers market; there is a lot happening in there. I ended the day hanging out at a Barbecue with friends to celebrate their runs at Leadville. JDF came up with an amazing quote for chapter one. 

I NEEDED TODAY….feeling optimistic 

Side Note:

This week has been interesting. I have always been told by my coaches how you have to be careful in the 4 weeks after a hard run. My body feels like it should be running fast, but everytime i run with the heart rate monitor i get a reality check. Three weeks out and my body still needs time to adequately recover.